A Beginner’s Guide to Car Stereo Repair

If you discover that CDs you play within the automobile be scratched, a little cleaning is apt being needed together with the automobile stereo repair. Specific cleaning discs will be bought for this specific job.


When fasteners start to be defective or loose, they might stop the stereo from operating correctly as the parts won’t fit in together. As part of this particular kind of automobile stereo fix, you have to assure that the size and design are right. Wherever feasible, ensure that the components are made by exactly the same manufacturer as the stereo. When swapping some parts, be sure they’re appropriate with the others and therefore are ideal for system in the automobile.


The speakers have a sizable part in the caliber of the sounds that an automobile stereo creates, which suggests they must be examined whether an issue develops. As part of this particular kind of automobile stereo fix, the cables must be examined to make sure they’re not snapped or maybe frayed.

Car air conditioning systems might require flushing after a catastrophic disaster on the compressor, since particles from the damaged product can scatter all through the closed system.

This debris is going to be the broken areas of compressor – reed regulators, piston rings, perhaps even components associated with a disintegrated piston and metallic scrapings from bodily cylinders of compressor. If this particular detritus is not washed away, it’ll ultimately result in yet another failure.

Vehicle AC Flushing Equipment:

An excellent number of hand tools, which includes end wrenches greater than 1″ to disconnect hoses as well as component fittings, is essential.

A refrigeration manifold gauge established is going to be invaluable, together with a vacuum pump, refrigerant recycler, and also recharging kit.

The process is performed in a number of actions in sequence. When you do not possess the necessary programs as well as expertise, ask the friends of yours if anyone has got the knowledge and will help you. Some actions might have to be’ hired out’ to a shop with expertise and tools. The jobs you are able to attain yourself are going to save you plenty of expense.

In case you are uneasy attempting the project, by all of means hire it away to an expert. The info provided below is going to help you make that choice.

Evacuate Remaining Refrigerant:

Safety Note: Refrigerant could be harmful. It is pressurized, and also becomes very cold when depressurized. Safety goggles are highly suggested while handling refrigerant. If it splashes on the face of yours, refrigerant is able to freeze the eyeballs of yours, leading to blindness.

Depressurize the method by evacuating some refrigerant which remains. A refrigerant recovery system must be utilized to achieve this task. When you do not possess a healing process, do not attempt to obtain the fluid out one more way – use the automobile to the local repair shop of yours and pay them to eliminate the refrigerant.

Disassemble Components:

Remove hoses as well as hang them vertically with a container to allow them to drain out refrigerant oil as well as you can. Get rid of the accumulator/receiver dryer. Remove orifice tube or even expansion valve (whichever your automobile uses).

Flush Each Component:

Use flush liquid or perhaps solvent and also shop air to clean out the hoses, evaporator center, and condenser. The industry supports a few types and brands of solvent and/or flushing fluids.

The condenser is going to have probably the most clutter of every component and might not be flushable. If this’s the case, you will most likely have to switch it.

Put the chosen solvent or perhaps

flushing liquid into each portion then blow in every direction with store air. The cleansing is done when no additional clutter is blown away, the solvent and flushing fluid is clear, in addition to air blows through the portion easily.
Exceptions to this rule To not Flush Do not remove accumulator/receiver dryer, it’ll be replaced as needed to preserve warranty of the brand new compressor.

The excessive pressure hose which operates:

from compressor to condenser with designed on muffler must additionally be replaced, since it is incredibly hard to wash the muffler portion.

There is zero need to remove compressor as it’ll be changed. There is simply no practical method to remove a compressor, as a result of the building and design.

Reassemble system Install your fresh compressor plus brand new accumulator/receiver dryer. Reassemble all components using brand new O-rings and gaskets. Make sure you lube the O rings with refrigerant gas which is right for the system of yours. Follow instructions found with brand new compressor concerning type and amount of refrigerant oil to place in system. Refrigerant oil is essential to lubricate the inner components of compressor.

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