How to repair car air conditioners ?

How to repair car air conditioners ?

Air conditioning NOT WORKING
Need to repair your car’s air conditioning? We’re a group of ASE certified mechanics which have produced this guide for you so that you are able to comprehend exactly how the method works and what you should search for when it does not. We have included familiar repair guides with movies that will aid you stream line the repairs of yours or even find out what you’re investing in when drive the car of yours in to a mechanic shop. Let us go right in!

When searching under the hood during your vehicle’s air-conditioner it might sound complex but it is not. When you know how it delivers air which is cold that you are going to see it is actually quite simple. The heater of yours and air conditioning (HVAC) does 3 jobs; cool the inside of the automobile, heat the inside up and also defrost the windshield. All Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi modes come together as an extensive system. The climate control device is managed by a main computer which houses the settings for the program and rests in the dash in many cases.

This computer gives instructions to the compressor to begin pressurizing the refrigerant along with the mixture door actuators which immediate atmosphere flow via the flooring, mid and defrost vents. These air door actuators likewise control air temperature by blending the warm air flow out of the heater as well as the chilly air on the AC. When 1 component of the device doesn’t run as the atmosphere conditioner then 1 part of the device stops working in this instance the cold air.

The AC structure has 4 fundamental parts: A compressor, and that is driven through the motor with a serpentine belt. On hybrid automobiles the compressor is electrically driven and does similar operation. A condenser which is found in front of the motor radiator plus cools the refrigerant out of the compressor before it heads towards the evaporator situated in the car. This’s exactly where the highly pressured fluid is introduced in the evaporator to be a low pressure gas and also where coldness is produced. The blower motor subsequently circulates the air during the entire interior.

When you begin doing maintenance on the system it is a good idea to find out how the a/c process works.

Start with the automobile on level ground with all the transmission is park and also the emergency brake set. The engine must be off, but hot. Put on safety goggles as well as gloves to defend against injuries. Never loosen or even undo some hoses or perhaps fitting before discharging the process of refrigerant. The system does consist of minimal amount of oil which is usually expelled while discharging.

You are going to see tools and supplies applied to the following guides that you’ll have the ability to find throughout and at the conclusion of this content, also a summary of specific maintenance manuals. Something to keep in mind is all air conditioner devices work on the very same principle.

Okay, now you’ve received a crash course on the way the system works why don’t we approach this issue such as a mechanic would.

In case air is blowing from the proper vents but isn’t cool (no cold air flow – blowing bright air) remain down the guide.

When the ac is turned on 3 things start to occurs, the compressor, blower engine and vent actuators each get an electric signal to switch on. This leads to the compressor clutch to participate as you work the inner components of the compressor pump. This pumping activity compresses the refrigerant so that it is able to circulate around the product. The next step are provided as a way of popularity.

Phase one: CHECK THE A/C SYSTEM CHARGE As your car ages the refrigerant amount must be looked after and also extra very insuring the system remains full. Since this particular method is pressurized sort of just like a tire it is going to need to be energized as it ages. Recharging the system isn’t to hard and can be performed in aproximatelly 20 minutes.
In case the method is low then you are able to recharge and monitor just how long the charge lasts. In case the process will last as much as six weeks subsequently another recharge might outweigh fixing the system which you are able to do for aproximatelly $35.00 yourself. A message of a method being very low on fee is the fact that it is going to produce white vapor on the vents similar to your home freezer. This’s because the pressure fall inside the evaporator is usually to increased leading to it to “ice up”. Recharging the a/c system is going to fix this issue.
In order to examine the system’s “state of charge”, link a gauge or maybe charge package on the minimal side hose pipe program port to look at static pressure.
This will show the strain within the system. In case the method is flat there’s a refrigerant leak which should be found and repaired before recharging the device.
In case the method is complete and also the fixed strain (engine off) is between seventy along with ninety psi then continue on the manual of checking out the system.
Phase two: CHECK THE COMPRESSOR OPERATION In this particular picture the motor is operating though the clutch isn’t interested. With the device for this often means among 2 things, first the method is very low on control therefore the compressor won’t switch on using a pressure switch based somewhere on the lower pressure aspect of the product. or maybe there’s an electrical problem of some type ie: blown fuse, relay & clutch engagement coil or even climate control pc shorted. In case if you turn the ac on there’s a loud screeching noise the compressor has locked upwards as well as requires replacement.

Before we continue there’s an extra form of compressor which are showcased on German automobiles (BMW, Mercedes Benz as well as Volkswagen) and that doesn’t possess a clutch. One of these simple compressors is showcased on the picture below where there’s no wires and no clutch to an activation coil.

As you are able to see the percentage of the pulley hub in which the clutch will be placed is directly bolted to the input shaft on the compressor. These compressors provide an internal valve that is located at the back of the compressor to start the procedure when activated. For these automobiles there’ll be one variable in tests that we’ll go to further down in the guidebook.
On clutch like compressors with the device still on and set on the coldest location and highest fan speed find the compressor. Utilizing a flashlight and examine the clutch operation it’ll be doing one of 2 things; for starters, it’ll be cycling on as well as off which means the method is very low on control or maybe the condenser fan isn’t operating or maybe there’s blockage in the expansion or perhaps orifice tube.

In case the clutch is not doing anything then the time of its to link a gauge or maybe charge package to see in case the method is totally level or is simply as tight on charge. When the method is very low or even overcharged a pressure switch informs the compressor when to turn off to stay away from harm. On internal valve compressors i.e. German automobiles you need to utilize a test light to see in case the signal wire is becoming strength or perhaps not. This style of device doesn’t cycle when it is minimal it only shuts down so its better to look at the devices charge.

Phase three: CHECK THE CONDENSER FAN Start the motor and fixed the air conditioning to its coldest environment. The very first thing to search for is the condenser fan getting on (in case equipped). This fan must turn on in just a minute on the AC system being turned on. In case this fan isn’t on then this’s an issue that should be checked out. If the automobile is rear wheel drive and has a physical fan appear to find out if the fan is “freewheeling” that is a sign of the blower clutch being terrible and needing replacement. The condenser should have air being pulled or even pushed through it because of the system to do the job.

STEP four: CHECK THE CLIMATE CONTROL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Observe the climate management board to determine in case there can be some lighting which are blinking that shows there’s some sort of failure where a code should be checked out. Every technique of locating these codes differs to every manufacturer. These codes will direct you with the circuit or maybe process which is running an issue. In case all appears alright on the board or maybe the board lights are out altogether please continue on the guide.
Find the car’s fuse board under the dash or perhaps power distribution center underneath the hood. Utilizing an exam light check all associated fuses including the BCM, heater, climate control, blower motor and also for the air conditioner. You are able to use your vehicle’s owner’s manual to help find the fuse.

In case the fresh fuse blows once it has been replaced there’s a brief in the product. The majority of the time this short can be related to the compressor clutch coil within what situation it must be changed.

In case all similar fuses are okay the following part in the system which has a higher failure rate will be the a/c relay. This relay supplies primary power on the compressor via the method fuse. Locate the relay within the fuse board or maybe power distribution center through the owners manual.

Once placed check the terminals on the relay for ground and power and then change the relay to recheck the device. You are able to swap this particular relay for a comparable one in the automobile like the power windows or maybe door locks to check it, a lot of these relays will be the same.

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